What Is Distant Healing?

“I can’t emphasize enough my gratitude for the distant healing. By Tuesday I feel not only happy, peaceful, joyous, and grounded, but I also feel most like myself. As if a few veils of my ego have fallen off and I become closer to my divine self.” — NV, Illinois

distant-healing-dougbuckinghamdotcomDistant healing is also known as remote healing, long distance healing and absent healing. In this type of energy healing, the healer is not physically present with the client, but sends energy to the client through focused intention and specific energy-transmitting techniques.

Distant healing has been practiced in the Far East for centuries, and with the introduction of Reiki energy healing to the West in modern times, distant healing has gained acceptance and even validation as an effective means of improving both physical and emotional or spiritual conditions. Distant energy healing therapy is now being recognized as an alternative energetic healing modality and is being clinically studied at places such as the California Pacific Medical Center in Northern California. Click here to read more about scientific studies on the effectiveness of distant healing.

Distant healing is an important aspect of several energy-based therapies, including Quantum TouchTong Ren, and Chios Energy Healing. Each of these types of energy therapy works with different “bandwidths” of energy (much like bandwidths of radio waves). Many energy healers, myself included, have been trained in multiple schools of energy work, which means we can transmit a wide range of energy “bandwidths” over distance to heal people, animals, plants, and even places.

My own background includes formal attunement at Master level to both Usui and Imara Reiki energies (Imara Reiki is a higher vibration of Reiki specifically for distant healing transmission). I have also studied and practiced such energy healing modalities as The Reconnection, Theta Healing, sound healing, and crystal healing. Through my professional apprenticeship with Cyndi Dale, I not only received a broad spectrum of healing energies to use and transmit, but accessed new energies and modalities of healing to share with my clients and subscribers in distant healing sessions.

Distant healing is a powerful way to bring healing energy to people anywhere in the world! I offer two different distant healing services to help you heal and thrive on all levels of your being.

First, as a gift to my subscribers, I offer a FREE distant healing session every month. To experience this gift each month (and receive a bonus guidebook on simple ways to connect with spiritual energy in your daily life), just sign up in the subscriber box to your right. It would be my joy to add you to our next distant healing session!

Second, for more personalized energy transmissions that deepen the energy healing and bring consistent energy support to you, your home, and also your pets and family members, I offer month-long Energy Purifying programs. Click here for more information on how this can help you, your pets and family, and your home.