Unboxed ORACLE?? What’s THAT about?

If you thought of EITHER of those questions, you are just the kind of curious and questing reader I’d love to know!

While I admit that “The Unboxed Oracle” is NOT a good name for a rock band (as opposed to other names of my creation such as “The Vigilant Geodes”), it IS a good name for me. 

Oracle, because since my childhood I’ve been given spiritual messages to relay to others, though for many years I didn’t realize the Source of the messages or even that they WERE messages from beyond myself.  Since my reiki attunements, the Divine has spoken more clearly and specifically to me than ever before, and has led me to understand that these recent messages are meant to be shared with the world.

Unboxed, because I’ve been set free–released from cultural and spiritual boxes–and it’s my privilege to help show the way to that same freedom to others who are ready to claim it.

There’s a purpose for boxes and other containers:  the bottle, the can, the womb, the chrysalis, the seashell.  These things contain objects or beings that have a greater value than the container.  If the container is kept closed, what’s inside goes inert,  its potential unrealized–if living, it will actually die!  All containment is meant to be temporary, and all beings are meant to outgrow and emerge from what externally confines them into freedom with NO external boundaries. 

Ultimately, what is Spirit is not CONTAINED but COALESCED, joyfully and fearlessly shaping itself in a cosmos without boundaries.  We as humans can sample this boundless freedom now.  It’s part of my mission to help us learn how.


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