The Prayer of Undoing: A Gift for the New Year



At the end of a year, I find myself looking back in order to move forward.  I review actions, relationships and unresolved issues from the past, with the intent of honoring what went well and learning from what did not.  Where I still feel pain or regret, I look for ways to heal and bless myself and the others involved, so that the highest good may result and we can all be free to keep growing.

Some time ago, I learned of a simple yet tremendously powerful prayer that releases guilt and shame over painful past events and brings clearing energy to EVERYONE affected by them.  I have felt these results myself, and so have others I’ve told about it.  Now I’d like to offer it to you as a year-end gift  to help you make a loving, empowered start to this New Year.

I found the Prayer of Undoing in this book by Doreen Virtue.  She was working through deep feelings of sadness and guilt over her divorce and the custody issues with her children.  She received internal instruction that she could “perform an undoing,” and then was given this affirmation to pray as she focused on the topic of her divorce and custody battles:

“Some mistakes have been made in this situation.  I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time.”

Doreen reported that as she repeated this affirmation while focusing on her topic, she felt waves of shudders in her physical body–stored negative emotions being released from her very cells.  When the shuddering ceased, she stopped saying the affirmation.  A greater sense of peace and well-being remained with her afterwards.

I’ve learned that this prayer is useful anytime I become aware that I’ve made a mistake by acting or speaking from unloving or fearful thoughts.  When the mistake is truly mine to own, I like to make the prayer more personal by saying:

“I admit that I made mistakes in this situation, and I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.”

This helps me both acknowledge and release responsibility for my part of the situation.

A friend who is familiar with Access Consciousness and their clearing statement suggested the following wording as she reviewed her year:

“For all the mistakes I have made in this past year, whether knowingly or unknowingly, I ask now that the effects of all these mistakes be healed across all time, space, dimensions, and reality for everyone concerned.”

And for a family caught up in some VERY messy situations with multiple people who were even using black magic against the family, I was led to suggest the following wording (AFTER the specific effects of the black magic were cleared and the energies reversed to bind the practitioners in the spirit of Divine justice and consequences):

“I acknowledge that both [name] and I made mistakes in our relationship, and for all such mistakes  [name] and I made, knowingly and unknowingly, I ask that the effects of all these mistakes be undone and healed across all time, space, dimensions, and reality for everyone concerned.”

I find that this prayer, however broadly or specifically you word it, acts like Reiki energy–it flows through time and space to heal the situation and all people involved.  I advise praying it privately, as it definitely does activate shudders, twitches, and other movements that indicate the body is releasing old, trapped negativity.  If you find that the release is feeling extreme, ask the Divine to ease it for you.  You should FEEL the release, but not SUFFER from it!

If this benefits you, I would be blessed by your comments to this post.  And please share the post and the prayer with others!  Even after the New Year, anytime is a good time to get free from the past and move joyously into the future!

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