The Divine Name on 11-11-11: Peaceful, Powerful, Profound

Where were YOU at 11:11 am on 11-11-11?  If you perceived this date and time to have personal or spiritual significance (and based on the numerous articles, posts and YouTube videos I noticed, MANY people did!), you no doubt have a story to tell about your experience at that moment.  I’d like to share mine, and I’d love to hear yours in a comment or email to me!

I find great inspiration and healing in the music of Jonathan Goldman.  This summer, I purchased his book The Divine Name and the CD recording of his toning of the Name, and found that both listening to the CD and toning the Name myself brought me to new levels  physically and spiritually.  So when I received an email invitation to a workshop on the Divine Name led by Jonathan and his wife Andi, which would culminate in the group toning the Divine Name on 11-11-11 for personal and planetary healing, I felt an immediate pull to participate.

This was challenging to me in many ways. I’d never traveled by myself to a place where I knew no one personally.  I had not planned on financing a trip at this time.  I’d had uncomfortable experiences before in apparently spiritual group settings–isolated and rejected because I somehow didn’t fit in.  And I wasn’t sure if I should leave my pets again (they’d been pretty stressed out the last time I left them!).  Yet the pull was persistent, and I knew this was a call from the Divine to a personal adventure.  So at 8 am Wednesday, November 9, I found myself on the Van Galder bus to O’Hare, headed off to the wild blue yonder of Boulder, Colorado.

My prayer was that the Divine would lead me both to receive and to give in the two days I’d spend in the workshop, and that I would make some meaningful personal connections.  And as always, when the Divine says yes, it’s a really BIG YES!   Being with Jonathan and Andi was truly inspiring.  Their  evident love and respect for each other, their engaging teaching style and depth of knowledge, plus their genuine joy in interacting with people–all brought healing to me.  I felt new faith that I will find such a loving partnership for myself, and I was able to shed some of my old feelings of unworthiness to approach teachers “after class.”  I also met two fellow learners who showed kindness to me by transporting me to and from the workshop site (saving me a lot in cab fares), eating lunch with me, and having amazing conversations with me in our free time.  And yet the greatest blessing was still to come.

The morning of 11-11-11, almost 60 of us met for a final preparatory session before the time of meditation and toning of the Divine Name.  We’d learned about sound as a creative force and a healing modality, about the power of self-created sacred sound to “shift our frequencies” for healing, and we’d experienced the physical effects of sound in our bodies from several of Jonathan’s recordings.  We’d studied and toned vowels as sacred mantras, heard our own vocal overtones and harmonics resonating our chakras, and practiced intoning the vowel series that makes the Divine Name.  We’d been guided through some beautiful meditations and were in a state of deep spiritual receptivity.  Now we were ready to experience the power of the Divine Name as prayer.

We were reminded that our toning was a sonic offering to carry prayer to the Creator.  By expressing our prayers verbally as though they were already realities, then surrounding these prayers with appreciation and gratitude as we toned the Divine Name, we were putting our hearts and brains in physical and spiritual resonance and generating powerful vibratory energy.  This would amplify the prayers and enhance not only the vibrational level of the planet but also the consciousness of all life on it.

We focused our attention on the crystal grid in the center of the room, and entered our final meditation.  We visualized a portal opening above the center quartz crystal, after which we were led to quietly verbalize a prayer of personal healing, and then in unison we toned the Divine Name.  Next were prayers of larger personal concerns followed by the intoned Divine Name.  Then came prayers for planetary healing, followed by the Divine Name, and universal healing followed by the Divine Name.  At 11:11 am, the Name was sounding with intent to heal, vibrating through us and through the portal out into the universe.  Jonathan had us visualize the globe rotating above the center crystal, and we sounded the Name again with the intent of imaging a blanket of healing energy–pink and gold–covering our beloved Gaia.  In that moment I was given a remarkable vision.

Down from the cosmos surrounding our planet, a shower of sparks descended–sparks of Divine energy.  They floated down through the pink and gold, separating out to enter every living being on our planet.  I saw them settle, glowing, near each being’s heart, and I heard the words: “They can NEVER be extinguished!”  I was given to understand that these sparks were a new gift from the Divine, which would light up or activate new aspects of our DNA, almost like matches igniting a fuse.  In some beings, the sparks would begin working quickly, while in others they would simply nestle lovingly and await the moment when the beings were spiritually awakened to begin “ignition.”  A final understanding was that now all beings carry two sparks from the Divine:  the spark of Creation to give us life, and now the spark of Redemption to bring us back home to the Divine.   I was deeply moved.

After the visualization, the portal was closed and we sat in silence for a few moments to allow the experience to be completed within us.  Then Jonathan invited us to share our impressions if we wished.  A strong inner prompting nudged me to raise my hand, and I spoke about what I’d seen.  My words were received with respect even as I struggled with tears in expressing myself.  And my words led another woman to share a lovely vision she’d been given in which giant strands of DNA from within the heart of the planet were awakened and spiraled up into space in a dance of joy.  There was a sense of awe, power and yet a deep peace within us all as we pondered these images and impressions.

The ceremony was closed with a beautifully personal celebration, as Jonathan surprised Andi with a remix of a song he’d written for her, “Angel of Love,” in honor of the day also being their 11th anniversary!  He took her in his arms and danced with her by the crystals, and we were all invited to join them as fellow “angels of love.”  It was the most joy I’ve felt dancing in quite awhile.

So heaven and earth were sonically harmonized, at least for a moment, and I believe all of us in the workshop felt a greater inner harmony as well.  I know that many, many other people were involved in spiritually significant activities on this day, and I believe that the planet is the better for it, along with everyone on it (whether they are aware or not).  I can personally say that I am still feeling the effects of my 11-11-11 resonating in my soul, and now I can’t wait for the Sound Healing Intensive in 2012!

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