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Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

As an intuitive healer, I offer my email subscribers the gift of a monthly distant energy healing. The hour I spend in transmitting Divine healing energy is often a profound experience for me, as well as for those who receive the energy. The April 7 session was particularly significant, as I felt much stronger sensations […]

Fallow Ground–Now Replanting

Fallow Ground–Now Replanting How my blog felt when I looked at it in September. Yes, it has been awhile since I cultivated my blog’s ground. Momentous events, personal healing struggles, and even a resistance to writing–all have pulled me away into more inner journeys. I’ve done a lot of personal journaling, but didn’t feel ready to record […]

Unboxed ORACLE?? What’s THAT about?

Unboxed ORACLE??  What’s THAT about?

If you thought of EITHER of those questions, you are just the kind of curious and questing reader I’d love to know! While I admit that “The Unboxed Oracle” is NOT a good name for a rock band (as opposed to other names of my creation such as “The Vigilant Geodes”), it IS a good […]