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Fallow Ground–Now Replanting

Fallow Ground–Now Replanting How my blog felt when I looked at it in September. Yes, it has been awhile since I cultivated my blog’s ground. Momentous events, personal healing struggles, and even a resistance to writing–all have pulled me away into more inner journeys. I’ve done a lot of personal journaling, but didn’t feel ready to record […]

A Weekend of Wonder: Celtic Shamanism

A Weekend of Wonder:  Celtic Shamanism

The weekend of April 28-29, 2012, I took an excursion into Celtic shamanism with Tom Cowan, sponsored by Animal Spirit Network, that was literally life-changing.  Being new to shamanism (even having done the reading and taken an online intro to shamanic journeying), I was a little unsure of what I’d experience.  I discovered that the […]