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A Blessing of Deep Peace

A Blessing of Deep Peace

In turbulent times like these, we can feel beleaguered and battered by events and energies swirling around us. The ongoing proclamations of national and global economic collapse; news of terrorism, war, and crisis in governments; the growing awareness of the long-term impacts of disasters like Fukushima on ourselves, our fellow creatures, and the Earth–the list […]

A Weekend of Wonder: Celtic Shamanism

A Weekend of Wonder:  Celtic Shamanism

The weekend of April 28-29, 2012, I took an excursion into Celtic shamanism with Tom Cowan, sponsored by Animal Spirit Network, that was literally life-changing.  Being new to shamanism (even having done the reading and taken an online intro to shamanic journeying), I was a little unsure of what I’d experience.  I discovered that the […]