Success and Growth

Because of my Core Values as a spiritual entrepreneur, I look for books and tools that “bring Spirit to work” with me.

Below are my Top Picks for 2016. As always, follow your own Inner Wisdom to find your  personal picks!

Note: in some cases, I’m an official affiliate of the creators or sellers because I wholeheartedly desire to support their Spirit-enriched, empowering work.

Spiritual Clearings  by Diana Burney

ALL success, personal and professional, begins at the level of Energy. The simple, powerful, PROVEN processes offered in this book by Diana Burney (who has Cleared thousands of people, homes, and businesses) will help you release negative influences, open your Cash-Flow Lines, and put you on the path to Spirit-guided success in all areas of your life.

NOTE: I personally use these processes to keep myself Cleared, and I have found many of them to be useful enhancements to my own Clearing services for clients and their properties.

18 Minutes  by Peter Bregman

A fresh, spiritual, and practical approach to “getting things done”–the IMPORTANT things. I’m working with this now to rebirth my own work this year! Find more by Peter Bregman HERE.


Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale

This is THE book I recommend to people who need to feel more successful in love, work, or personal goals. Changing your energy really DOES change your life–and Cyndi offers practical as well as spiritual tools to do exactly that. My copy is dog-eared, annotated, and just plain LOVED, and the work I’ve done on myself and for my clients is proof that her work–WORKS. And find more of Cyndi’s groundbreaking energy-healing books on Amazon: Cyndi Dale books


The Power of Rest  by Matthew  Edlund

Rest your way to success?? Yes, in fact, it’s a non-negotiable. A Spirit-led life is one of balance, and by resting–not just physically, but socially, mentally, and spiritually–you fully rebalance your life. See more by “The Rest Doctor” HERE.


Money: A Love Story  by Kate Northrup

The very title of this book helped me begin to reshape my own relationship with money. From deep debt to full financial freedom, Kate Northrup has gone the distance, and offers spiritual and practical exercises to reclaim the healthy love story we’re meant to have with money. From Amazon HERE.

NOTE: I’ve also found Barbara Stanny’s books inspiring and helpful, especially Sacred Success; check them all out HERE.


The Desire Map  and The Desire Map Planner  by Danielle LaPorte

product1-full-1and Daily Cover Front LTD-NO SHADOWThe essential guides to creating “Goals with Soul” so that you and Spirit stay in sync each day and throughout the year. Desire Map HERE, Daily Planner HERE. Or see what Danielle has out on Amazon to fuel your success!


#TRUTHBOMBS  by Danielle LaPorte

23 For a quick burst of Spirit power, there’s nothing like a Truthbomb :-) Danielle LaPorte’s signature pithy, fiery, and tender phrases can jumpstart and recharge like nothing else. Testimony to the power of Spirited words! Single packs HERE; bundle of three HERE (for sharing!).