Spring Cleaning Your Crystals–the 3 S’s

With spring springing up all around, and with the dust settled from my recent move, I feel renewed energy and the urge to CLEAN something!  Though preferably WITHOUT a dustcloth, mop, or vacuum….  So I’m working on my crystals (as I unpack them!).

When I first began working with crystals, I did my usual info-junkie thing and read what others had written about cleansing procedures.  Having a lot of Virgo in me, I took diligent and methodical notes, but found myself overwhelmed by rules and exceptions.  Some crystals apparently were best cleansed by water (salt, fresh, running), some by sunlight, some by moonlight, some in the earth–I knew I’d never keep all this straight!  And I heard some horror stories of well-meaning people accidentally “frying” crystals by overexposure to sunlight, which did nothing for my cleansing confidence.  Wasn’t there some easy, UNIVERSAL way to cleanse crystals?

I asked for spiritual guidance, and got some answers (2 “S’s”) on the morning of October 29, 2011, which I noted in my bedside journal.  The 3rd “S” came from a radio talk show in November 2011, featuring Allison Hayes, “The Rock Girl”  So here are “The 3 S’s” of crystal cleansing:

1.  SELENITE:  this soft white inexpensive mineral is safe for any crystal, and generally works within minutes to cleanse old negative energies and bring in Divine energy.

2.  SMUDGING:  Passing your crystals through the smoke of a smudge stick is safe for any crystal as well.  I personally prefer palo santo, but white sage, cedar, sweetgrass or other traditional cleansing smudge herbs will be fine.  Go with what YOU  like and your crystals will like it too!

3.  SOUND:  While Allison specifically recommended tingshas, I have found singing bowls or my own meditative synthesizer compositions are equally effective.  Jonathan Goldman’s The Divine Name is also quite  spiritually cleansing (for you, pets, plants, ANYTHING natural).  And the sound of your own voice is quite effective for clearing and cleansing your crystals! Just speak, chant or sing with the intent of clearing and cleansing your crystals, and they will respond to the intent. Finally, any music that soothes YOU is cleansing to you and your environment, and it will cleanse your crystals as well.  It is your spiritual intent to clear and cleanse that will empower the music you choose.  The crystals need only be NEAR the sound source–follow your intuition on what works best for your crystals.

Selenite, Smudging and Sound are Simple, Safe, and Sure!  And much more fun than traditional spring cleaning.  So show your crystals some love and try one of these methods soon.  Let me know how it turns out!

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