Spirited FUN!

One my Core Values  is Divine Laughter. I recommend these items of Spirited FUN because I’ve personally experienced their joy-affirming effects!

Below are my Fave FUN Reads for 2015, followed by a selection of Spirited “toys”! As always, follow your own inner Wisdom (and Joy!) in your choices <3

Note: In some cases, I’m an official affiliate of the creators or sellers because I wholeheartedly believe in supporting their work of making adulting more enjoyable :-D

Fresh and Fun Spirited Reads

Reluctantly Charmed  by Ellie O’Neill

A truly “high-spirited” first book by a real Irish lady who just knew she had stories to share with the world about the faeries of her homeland. Lighthearted and charming, this book captivated me AND gave me some new insights on the Fae/human drama. Find it HERE.

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye  by Victoria Laurie

  Written by a real-life psychic, this fun and fast-paced mystery opens a series boasting original plot lines, snappy dialogue, and thoughtful insights into how a psychic sees the world and solves real-world problems. Check out the entire series HERE.

Hounded  by Kevin Hearne

  Kick-off to The Iron Druid Chronicles, this fantasy has everything I love: grand adventure, intelligent comedy, fascinating characters (including a truly equal female lead and a wise-cracking Irish wolfhound), magic in the streets, and a fresh look at our most enduring myths. Find the whole series HERE.

Cool Toys for Adults with Spirit


Coloring books–a new “active meditation.” Absorbing yourself in creating the patterns of color puts your brain back into a state of calm and relaxation. Find a whole world of coloring possibilities HERE, and color your own world peaceful again.

Tattoo-Sacred Geometry Collection1-1-1 or Tattoo-CDF Collection 2-1 Fun, truth, and beauty from Spirit for your body temple! Whether it’s Sacred Geometry designs or Power Words, these cosmetically safe “temporary adornments” by Danielle LaPorte can activate your energy in amazing ways, by reminding you of who you really are and how you choose to feel–all the time. (Plus let your inner goddess out!) The ones shown: Sacred Geometry #1 and Core Desired Feelings #2. Go HERE and choose “SHOP” to see them all, including #Truthbomb tattoos and jewelry.

I loved this the minute I saw it! The Buddha Board is like a “Zen Etch-a-Sketch.” Based on the Zen concept of mindfulness and letting go, it involves painting with a water-tipped brush; the design slowly fades away, clearing both the mat and your mind as you watch. I was enchanted as I played with a display model, and it’s going on my own “wish list” for this year!

I got this Wooden Brain Teaser from my BFF, who solemnly assured me that adults needed cool toys, too. I solemnly agreed, then gleefully REFUSED to solve it! I just kept making zany sculptures on my coffee table and only “recubed” it when I wanted it back in the box. Because life is WAY more fun UNboxed :-D

Find more Wooden Brain Teasers HERE; metal ones HERE. All great, earth-friendly, brain-building, inner-child-liberating fun.