Personalized Programs

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You could become a WHOLE NEW YOU in a single season?
Introducing powerful new possibilities to take you on that incredible journey:


  • NEW! Personal Energy Detox Package
    • deep clean your soul for a fresh start towards manifesting the life you’ve dreamed of
  • SoulCare Levels 1 and 2
    • a powerful start to help you heal specific issues, or a boost up to your next level of intuitive skills and personal growth
  • SoulCare Level 3 (Formerly Profound Personal Transformation)
    • a deep, highly enriched one-on-one program, for truly profound results in healing yourself, your relationships, your work, and your life
  • Honing Your Intuitive Edge
    • an in-depth group program to guide you into mastering your psychic/intuitive gifts and creating an extraordinary life


NEW! Personal Energy Detox Package

One 60-minute Intuitive Healing Session PLUS Comprehensive Personal Clearing

$320 (save $130 from standard pricing)

“I feel stuck in energy muck! I want to get FREE!”


⇒ Do you feel trapped in a downward spiral in some part of your life?


⇒ Is there an emotional funk spoiling your success and leaving you feeling empty in spite of your achievements?


⇒ Do you find yourself constantly depressed, drained, or weighed down with no physical cause?


⇒ Are you stuck in painful patterns with relationships, family, or work that you can’t seem to shake no matter what you do?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,

It’s time to Deep Clean your Soul!


Susan would love to help you clear out the energetic gunk and grime that’s sludging up your life with a profound, personalized Energy Detox.


You know just how bad this toxic psychic pollution feels.


Now imagine instead:


⇒ Being released from  years of emotional/energetic baggage.


⇒ Feeling lighter, freer, and cleaner from the inside out.


Being set FREE to attract and achieve your heartfelt dreams and desires!


This “Psychic Sweat Lodge” experience includes:


  • A comprehensive remote clearing done for you by Susan. You can choose to tune in at the appointed time or simply go about your day–either way, you get cleared!
  • A full, deep release of the 10 most common types of energy “gunk” to give you a clean spiritual slate and a fresh start
  • A focused, one-on-one session with Susan to follow up, targeting a specific healing concern
  • Training on simple yet powerful energy practices to help you maintain your newfound clarity and freedom
  • Unlimited email support for 30 days following your one-on-one session with Susan


This soul-deep purification will help you build an essential foundation for the profound, lasting life changes you desire.


If you then choose to go deeper, the cost of this session can be deducted from the total price of any of Susan’s in-depth personalized programs within 15 days of your one-on-one session date.

SoulCare Level 1: Release and Restore

4 Intuitive Sessions, 60 minutes each

SOULFUL SPECIAL! $530 single payment (save $90 from single-session pricing)

2-Payment Option: $275 each payment

If you are ready to go “further up and further in” to heal old wounds, release negative patterns, and step into your true purpose here, this program is meant for YOU.

In these 4 completely personalized, one-on-one sessions with Susan, you will receive:

  • Deep clearing of old, negative patterns, attachments, bindings, and other spiritual interference
  • Specific training on powerful and efficient spiritual protocols to keep yourself clean and clear energetically in ANY situation
  • Profound guided meditations to connect and unite you with your Higher Self and your other spirit guides
  • Personal, wise, and compassionate guidance and mentoring to help you open your unique spiritual gifts and begin following your soul’s purpose for your most fulfilling life here on Earth

This program will give you an empowered start to your spiritual journey, or boost you to a new level if you have been “stuck” in ways nothing has cleared before.

SoulCare Level 2: Revive and Replenish (90-day journey)

7 hours Intuitive Session time (4 sessions of 60 minutes plus 2 sessions of 90 minutes), plus Comprehensive Personal Remote Clearing and additional bonuses (see details below):

$1,144 single payment (save over $400 from total services pricing)

2-Payment Option: $595 each payment

3-Payment Option: $422 each payment

You’re ready to clear out your hidden energy interference, heal deep-set negative  patterns in your beliefs and behavior, and hone your intuitive skills for your greatest personal success. Our work together in this 3-month program will take you to your next level of spiritual, financial, relational, and physical wholeness.

Included in this SoulCare program:

  • 7 hours of Intuitive Session time with Susan ($1,085 value)
  • One Comprehensive Personal Remote Clearing session ($295 value)
  • Up to 3 months membership in the Energy Purifying Program, providing 24/7 Energy Healing for you and your home (up to $165 value)
  • Customized resource materials and self-care exercises to give in-depth guidance and support where needed ($75 value)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions (up to $100 value)

You’ll grow in your mastery of new skills in energy flow, emotional healing, structured thinking, and spiritual growth, and create simple, effective psychic protection that works for you in your unique and challenging life.

SoulCare Level 3: REVITALIZE (6-month journey)

12 sessions, 60 minutes each, plus Comprehensive Personal Remote Clearing and additional bonuses (see details below):


Pay-in-Full Option: $2,175

2-Payment Option: $1,155 each payment

3-Payment Option: $808 each payment

If you’re ready to absolutely, finally…

  • get out of self-sabotaging patterns
  • conquer long-held fears and limiting beliefs
  • master your intuitive gifts and energy flow
  • heal old intimacy wounds and create healthy loving relationships
  • attract a new career or life partner

…the journey to a New You can begin right NOW!

Powerful energy shifts from Susan’s clearing and healing sessions are combined with life-altering Akashic Record insights, meditative journeys, in-depth training in energetic processes to equip you, and Spirit-guided counseling to fully support you as you step into the life you came here to live–filled with purpose, joy, and empowerment.

These sessions are NOT group calls or seminars–they are completely INDIVIDUAL, one-on-one, giving you exactly what YOU need to transform in a profound way, with support between sessions to help you all along the journey. This support includes unlimited emails, energy healing support 24/7 via Susan’s exclusive Energy Purifying Program, plus written and audio materials to deepen your healing and energy mastery ($300+ value).

This in-depth program includes TWO special bonuses to accelerate your spiritual healing and development.

First, to clear old energetic “clutter and static” from your body and energy fields, you’ll receive a Comprehensive Personal Remote Clearing ($295 value) within the first 2 weeks of your enrollment in the program. This deep clearing will free you from attachments, entities, karmic residue, and other energies that you are ready to release at the soul level. You’ll feel freer and lighter, ready to enjoy your life in a whole new way–and that is just the beginning of your personal transformation journey!

Second, to give you powerful, 24/7 energetic support for the changes you will experience, you will also receive a 6-month membership in Susan’s exclusive Energy Purifying Program ($330 value). This deep, continuous infusion of pure Divine healing and cleansing energies is calibrated specifically for you and your home, and will facilitate your growth, expansion, and transformation. With this added support, you can shift more rapidly and with greater ease than ever before possible.

Susan’s heartfelt commitment to you, along with your own commitment to your healing and growth, will create both sacred space and soulful support for the changes you most want to create in your life.

6-Month Program Summary:
  • 12 personalized one-on-one sessions (2 per month)
  • unlimited email support
  • additional audio and written supporting materials
  • BONUS Comprehensive Personal Clearing
  • BONUS 6-month membership in Energy Purifying Program

Your journey will involve four major phases:

Open the Door and Clear the Way

We will discuss any presenting issues and needs, together uncovering themes and patterns that reveal what is ready for clearing and healing. Then, after your Comprehensive Personal Clearing, we will focus on laying a foundation for safety in the spiritual realms and continue removing current interference that requires your conscious attention to release, using Susan’s unique blend of spiritual intuition to pinpoint the energetic sources of the interference, and advanced energy channeling to bring through the Divine healing energies that are exactly right for you. This is powerful energy work and will create immediate shifts within you, physically and emotionally.

Uncover the Past

Because your past contains everything that has shaped your current self, we will move backward to the very beginning, when your soul emerged as a unique expression of the Divine Oneness. We will use the Akashic Records, Divine Guidance, and intuitive tools to uncover:

  • Your original wound: the first trauma that spiraled you down into beliefs of being separate, unworthy, unsupported, and undeserving of grace. This is the wound that has been reestablished in every lifetime and negative experience. We must remember it, and learn how to heal it.
  • Your mortal experiences: the relevant past lives that reactivated your wound and created karma, as well as those which express and highlight the beauty of your true purpose as a soul.
  • Your soul’s energetic patterns: how they’ve been affected by curses, cords, bindings, miasms, fragmenting, or intrusive entities. By clearing out what is NOT YOU, you are freed to be refilled with your OWN energy and repatterned in your Divine blueprint.
  • Your preparation for this life: shown in your soul and karmic contracts. Who did you select to play which roles in your life? What was your ultimate purpose for being here? What can be shifted for the better by releasing outdated soul or karmic agreements? Reclaiming those answers brings us into the present.

Examine the present

We will pick up where your soul contract left off, to examine the personalities and experiences of this lifetime. We’ll look closely at:

  • Ancestors and heritage
  • Family of origin dynamics
  • Relationship patterns
  • Health issues
  • Career and financial patterns
  • Current needs, blessings, and desires

By revealing themes and bringing in Divine energy, we create lasting transformation and can look joyfully toward the future.

Encounter the Future

You have a future–a good one! And you have a future self, who has traveled the path, met the challenges, and can share wisdom and encouragement.

Life on Earth will never be perfect. One enduring truth is that there is always change, therefore, challenge. But there is also the promise of goodness, growth, purpose fulfilled, and love created anew. Experience your future self and the gifts that he or she enjoys:

  • An open heart for love
  • Purified energy and clearer intuitive awareness
  • Conscious, prosperous, meaningful work
  • Acceptance and wisdom from life’s lessons
  • Contact and communion with your guides and Spirit

This is an invitation to explore your own personal expansion of spirit, clarity of vision and purpose and overall wellness–supported by Susan’s deep compassion, Spirit-guided wisdom, enthusiasm, and gentle care. This special and deeply personal healing process is intended for those who are ready to shift, change, do the necessary work and grow to levels which previously seemed out of reach. If you feel called to participate in this amazing process with Susan, and transform your energy and your life, say YES and purchase this series! Your empowered future awaits you.

Deeply committing to your growth through this series will take you “further up and further in” to create the profound transformation your soul is asking for, and receive the perfect combination of powerful clearing, energy healing, and intuitive spiritual guidance for your unique needs and goals.

Open yourself to receive the gift of deep healing, personal transformation, and a life you love to live!

“Susan, life is sooo beautiful! Since our session, I have noticed and felt a difference (a shift). I feel amazing. First, I am aware of my body, in what I eat and enjoying the exercise at the gym. And, I am smiling all the time. I can’t help how good I feel. Second, since the session, we worked on my relationship blocks and I immediately saw a change. I went to a party afterwards and it was so much fun!

“I also wanted to say that I am still utilizing all of your wonderful techniques that you have given me. I do them every day. They are so helpful and useful. And, they make my day even more beautiful because I know they work.

“I am blessed and honored to know you. You are such a wonderful healer and teacher! Many BLESSINGS to you! Thank you. So Much Love and Namaste!” — Rosie P., Chicago

Honing Your Intuitive Edge: Sharpening Your Spiritual Senses
for Crystal-Clear Guidance on the Go (90-day journey)

How would it feel to have your intuition “switched on” fully and safely, giving you quick, clear, precise answers FROM WITHIN to:

==> Increase your income (business decisions, investments, the right job)

==> Choose the right partner

==> Solve conflicts with family, friends, or associates

==> Know the best area and home to live in

==> Resolve physical health issues

If you struggle with:

  • Not being able to recognize or really understand your intuitive prompts
  • Constantly “second-guessing” your intuitive impressions
  • Getting an overload of psychic input that you can’t filter or shut down
  • Feeling unsure about the sources of your intuitive information
  • Getting “slimed” by negative energies around you

Then this 90-day power-packed program is for YOU!

Susan has taken all she’s learned from her own personal struggles and successes in opening safely and wisely to her personal Spiritual Guidance System (SGS), plus the deep study and training she’s had with true masters of subtle energy and intuitive guidance, and distilled it all into this unique program that combines group learning and interaction with individual attention and healing in her “Energetic Office Space,” boosted by powerful Divine energy support 24/7 throughout the 90 days.

This program is intended for a SMALL, FOCUSED group of “intuition explorers”–enrollment is LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS. Contact Susan to get on the Fall Early Enrollment List!

This program will teach you to:

  • Recognize and tune into your innate psychic/intuitive gifts
  • Decode your unique “Spirit language” for intuitive messages
  • Discern the differences between mental and intuitive input and balance them effectively
  • Connect ONLY to trustworthy sources of psychic information
  • Develop a strong, conscious connection to your spirit guides and your Higher Self
  • Master an efficient personal “energy hygiene” protocol to keep your intuitive channels clear at all times
  • Develop on-the-go tactics to deflect negative energy

This unique program also offers TWO special bonuses:

  1. A Personal Clearing Session ($245 value). Energy clearing is vital to create an unobstructed connection to your intuitive Guidance. This comprehensive clearing session will free you from 10 major categories of interference and lay the foundation for you to connect deeply and consistently to your personal Spiritual Guidance System (SGS).
  2. A 3-month membership in Susan’s exclusive Energy Purifying Program (EPP) ($165 value). This deep, continuous infusion of pure Divine healing and cleansing energies is calibrated specifically for you and your home. With this added support, you can tap into your intuitive gifts and personal SGS more rapidly and with greater ease than you ever thought possible!


In order for you to receive the most personal attention from Susan along with the powerful group intention of the calls and Private Facebook Group, ONLY 8 PARTICIPANTS will be accepted for the Fall 2015 program. Contact Susan to get on the Fall Waitlist.

Program Summary:
  • 6 in-depth group teleclasses (2 per month, 75-90 min each) plus recordings
  • 3 personal “Energetic Office Visits” with Susan (1 per month, 20 min/visit)
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group page and resources
  • Additional audio and written supporting materials
  • BONUS Personal Clearing Session ($205 value)
  • BONUS 3-month EPP membership ($165 value)

Program Details:

Your 90-day journey will begin with identifying your innate psychic abilities/sensitivities–which indicate your strongest intuitive gifts. You’ll finally understand exactly what your innate abilities are, where they are located in your chakra system, and how they are MEANT to work for you.

Our six teleclasses will then guide you on your journey to empowered intuitive with your personal SGS fully activated, with these topics:

  1. Knowing Yourself as Psychic: Understanding Your Sensitivities as Hidden Strengths
  2. Protecting Yourself Psychically: Boundaries, Energy Bodies, and Your Personal “Energetic Office”
  3. Sourcing and Screening Part 1: Creating Trustworthy Connections in Your “Office”
  4. Sourcing and Screening Part 2: Receiving and Interpreting SIGNS for Guidance
  5. Living as an Everyday Intuitive: Gifts, Guidance, and Keeping It Clean on the Go
  6. Letting Your Gifts Unlock Your Destiny: A Glimpse into Your Empowered Future

In your classes, you’ll experience several profound guided meditations to create an Inner Sanctum or Energetic Office, connect with your Chief Spirit Guide, and most significantly, merge and blend with your own Higher Self–your purest source of guidance and wisdom in your embodied form!

At the end of your 90-day journey, you’ll emerge with a clear, pure, constant connection to your personal SGS, a strong sense of personal safety and power in accessing your intuition, and deep confidence in your honed Intuitive Edge to keep you sharp, protected, and connected for your greatest success in work, relationships, health, and ALL your activities.

Honing Your Intuitive Edge Program STANDARD RATE: $995

Special Early Enrollment Price $775.00


CHECK BACK for other Fall “Early Enrollment” special pricing offers
Additional “Early Enrollment” bonuses:

–Exclusive Early Access to Intuitive Gifts Questionnaire and other program materials ($295 value)

–Personal Q & A with Susan in Private Facebook Group (priceless!)

Intuition is where spirituality and practicality merge to make your life extraordinary.

Start the journey to YOUR intuitive, extraordinary life with this exciting program and the other amazing souls who will join you there!

PLEASE NOTE: The services presented here are not to be construed as medical advice. I do not hold medical or chiropractic degrees, nor am I a licensed health-care provider.  As with any alternative healing treatments, if you have a health problem, are on medication, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby, I strongly advise that you seek the advice of a health care professional before engaging in these services. These  procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. By entering into an agreement to have a reading or healing session, you hereby agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with any reliance upon any of the alternative healing methods  discussed here. I am a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master and have formal training in sound healing and energy healing.