Oracle Reading for October 21-25

Since I’ll be away from my computer this weekend, I was led to share a second oracle reading for you a bit ahead of schedule!

As you see, the deck is The Nature-Speak Oracle by Ted Andrews.  I like this deck because it uses all nature images: Landscapes, Flowers, Trees, and Season & Climate.  This makes it suitable for people of many different spiritual backgrounds. The card given to me was in this last section, and here is what I channeled from Spirit based on the image and caption:

For the next few days, your path may seem somewhat obscured by mist or fog.  You may feel less certain of “next steps,”  unable to see clearly how to proceed or where potential pitfalls lie.  This is actually an opportunity to grow!  Stand still and tap into your OTHER spiritual senses–inner hearing, smell or touch–to receive the guidance you need to move forward, and also expand your awareness of how Spirit can lead you.  For now, consider this a “blindfolded trust walk” with Spirit, step by careful step. Soon the way will be clear again and you can move more quickly, with renewed confidence in your expanded perception of how Spirit guides and protects you.

From the guidebook:

There are things yet to be revealed.  Move slowly and stay grounded.  Things are shifting….not necessarily good or bad, just shifting and unclear.  Study people and things around you carefully, and delay major decisions at this time.

Blessings on your (mist-filled) path!  Until next time.

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