Once in a Blue Moon . . .

On August 20, we saw a Blue Moon rise (or a Green Corn Moon or a Full Sturgeon Moon, if you prefer one of the Native American monikers, helpfully supplied by The Huffington Post). Blue moons are unusual events, and I felt a surge of synchronicity with this one (which is happening a lot to me lately!), because I’m about to write a few pretty unusual posts….!

I’ll start with a question. Have you felt like you’ve been through some GIANT shifts and shake-ups this year? Uh-huh, me too–it’s been the most challenging AND most exciting year I’ve ever had! And we are all getting shifted and shaken because the Universe is requiring us to stop tolerating stuff and start transforming it–and ourselves. But maybe you’ve noticed when you get on board that ride of transformation, it can sometimes feel more like a runaway train, or a roller coaster without safety bars, or maybe even a sudden fall off a cliff…only just as you feel sure you are crashing, you end up somehow flying instead.


Can you relate? That is certainly how I have felt, stepping up to serve the world in a livelihood that I had no idea even EXISTED up until about a year ago. The work I realize I am called to do has taken me and everyone I have served on absolutely amazing journeys of transformation, many of them quite dramatic. I’d like to share some of those True Tales of Transformation with you in my next post, with these words of wisdom by Rainer Maria Rilke (slightly adapted) to prepare you:

~~Have the courage to embrace the strangest, most unusual,
most inexplicable experiences.~~


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