My Approach

What Makes Me Unique

At the very heart of all I do in service is my soul-deep intent to be a pure, clear conduit of Spirit; to speak, guide, and heal directly from Spirit for the highest good of each client and ultimately, our world as a whole.

My Core Values in Serving You

Spirit-Led, Client-Centered Service: In my life, Spirit runs the show. And in my work, that means Spirit is actively directing the flow of each session to serve your highest good and deepest needs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered a session with “a plan,” only to have Spirit lead us into an entirely unexpected direction that provided exactly what was needed–to everyone’s satisfaction and even delight!

The Personal Touch: You are an individual, and I will not treat you as a face in the crowd or “just a client.” You will receive professional competence and courtesy coupled with caring personal attention. None of our interactions will feel canned, contrived, or commercial. I don’t do cookie cutter programs: every experience we share is custom-tailored for you to activate a unique and powerful synergy between the two of us.

Heartfelt Connection: The services I offer are truly “from my heart to yours.” I seek to be a sensitive and compassionate witness to your struggles and lovingly assist you to transcend them, so that your heart feels deeply nurtured and restored after every session we share.

Uncompromising Excellence: As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve learned that excellence does not mean perfection, but rather the very best I can give in every situation. My intention is to go above and beyond to provide truly exceptional quality in all I do for you.

Honor and Integrity: One of my personal mantras is “Promise realistically, deliver spectacularly.” I make a point to be pragmatic and truthful in what I offer you, so there is every opportunity for your results to exceed your expectations. My pledge is to speak the truth, from Spirit, to you.

Depth and Substance: No sound bites here! Everything I offer you is intended to be rich, satisfying, and profound. It’s the difference between a drive-thru snack and a gourmet feast. You deserve a feast for your soul, and that’s what I aim to provide for you.

Ease and Simplicity: I want it to be easy and straightforward for you to connect with me, get support from me, and explore my site to find the information and guidance you’re seeking. My intent is that the tools and processes I share with you will be clear, easy to understand, and equally easy to put into practice.

Divine Laughter: I like to think of laughter as “Spirit’s Secret Weapon.” And I truly believe that if you’re laughing, you’re learning–and healing. By allowing ourselves to find the humor in our challenges, growth comes with much greater ease and enjoyment. I often find that Spirit leads us to laugh together in our sessions, which frequently leads to a breakthrough of healing energy.

My Dream for You

With the foundation of these core values in our work together, we reach your own core essence to allow it to be fully expressed in your life. My greatest hope for you is that you become the fullest Divine expression of who you truly are.

As Spirit once said to me:

White Butterfly Quote

A Question for You

Are you ready to clear out all that is interfering with your spiritual success and freedom, so that you can finally become who you truly are and live the rich, vibrant, successful, WOW life you deserve?

Then your next step is to follow this link to access your Claim Your WOW Breakthrough Session Application and appointment with me.

I’ll review your completed application promptly to determine whether I’m the right mentor to guide you through the next part of your spiritual journey. If so, I’ll contact you to schedule your complimentary Breakthrough call. Together, we’ll get clear on the life you want to create, what’s holding you back energetically, and the best approach to resolve those issues so you can move forward with ease into your personal WOW.

If I find that I’m not the best match for your situation, I’ll let you know and offer alternative recommendations to help you.

Either way, you will hear from me and receive helpful guidance for your next step!


Now that you have a better idea of my philosophy and values in serving my clients, and the results you can expect from working with me, go on to Work with Susan to learn more about these personalized breakthrough sessions as well as other programs and services I offer.


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