Is this you?

Friction to Momentum

If this describes YOU, you’re in the right place:

You see your spiritual development as a top priority in your life. You’ve had meaningful spiritual experiences and you respect, appreciate, and value the power they hold to transform your life.

You deeply desire to align your spiritual values with your work and daily life. You know that it is not only possible, but ESSENTIAL to be in spiritual alignment in every aspect of your being in order to achieve the full success you desire. You won’t settle for the friction that misalignment has been creating for you!

You’re persistent and passionate in your pursuit of self-mastery. You know it’s the key to healing at a deep level, and you’re willing to take personal responsibility for your healing, growth, and development in all areas of your life.

You thirst for a deeper personal connection to the Divine and your own inner guidance. You see this connection as not only your true source of personal fulfillment and nurture, but also as your most valuable asset, one that gives you a real edge in both professional and personal endeavors.

You are dedicated to living your true purpose on the planet. You want a rich, full, significant life that makes a real difference in the world.

You have achieved a satisfying level of success in your professional life, and you are ready to equal that success on the spiritual level. In fact, you won’t settle for less.

You have a generally positive outlook, with a sense of enthusiasm and good humor, and an appreciation for the lighter side of life. You can identify with the statement: “If you’re laughing, you’re learning.”

You’re ready, willing, and eager to question yourself and outgrow your old ways of being and doing that have kept you stuck and frustrated. You know it’s time to see and do things differently, and you’re ready to do exactly that.

You are wholeheartedly committed to clearing all obstacles to your spiritual success and freedom, so you can finally, fully live your WOW!


Your Challenges:

You look like a success in the ways others can see, but inside you yearn for more. You feel empty, incomplete–like something is missing or maybe even broken inside.

You struggle with unresolved pain from your past that diminishes your present, and nothing you’ve tried has healed these wounds. Yoga, meditation, therapy, Law of Attraction–you’ve done everything you know to do and yet the pain just persists, sapping you emotionally and maybe even physically.

You’re heartily sick of old, repeating negative patterns in relationships or work, and yet they just keep on going no matter what new strategies you try.

You know you’ve got “baggage,” and you’re absolutely ready and willing to let it all go, but you’re not clear on how exactly to DO that.

You feel burdened by the dead weights of regret, guilt, shame, and perceived failure, and you’re ready to release all these blocks to your true happiness–with a little help.

You have a general idea of your purpose in life, but not specifically how to step into it, and you know you need more guidance and clarity to do that.

You’re at a loss as to how to get spirituality “down where you live”–with your family, your work, your daily activities. You long for a personal and practical spirituality that enriches your own life and the lives of all you touch. You want Spirit to “get real”!

You can’t seem to consistently or reliably access your guidance and intuitive abilities, and you want to create a strong, clear, vital, unbreakable connection to that inner wisdom and knowing.

You’re DONE coping with your inner friction, struggles, and pain, and you’re fully ready to resolve these issues once and for all so you can break out of the old inertia and move into a whole new FLOW!


If this is YOU, here’s my question to you:

Are you ready to clear out all these old blocks, baggage, hangups, and spiritual garbage, step into the power and beauty of who you really are, and claim the richly successful and satisfying life you deserve?

Then your next action is to click on the link below to access your Claim Your WOW Breakthrough Session application and appointment with me.

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I’ll review your completed application to determine if I’m the person to help you take this crucial next step on your spiritual path. If so, I’ll contact you to set up a no-cost, no-obligation Breakthrough telephone session with me. Together, we’ll get clear on exactly what your desires, goals, and obstacles are and how you can move into the full and richly rewarding life you are seeking.

If I find that I’m not the best match for your situation, I’ll let you know and offer alternative recommendations to help you.

Either way, you will hear from me and receive helpful guidance for your next step!


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