Inspired Living

As a lifelong spiritual seeker, I find inspiration and lots of AHA moments in the stories of other seekers, and together we become “finders” of Spirit.

I recommend these stories because I’ve been personally inspired by them! And I hope they’ll uplift you as well.

Below are my Top Picks for 2017 so far. As always, follow your own Inner Wisdom to find your personal picks!

Journey of Souls  and Destiny of Souls  by Michael Newton

  Both of these volumes have been sources of profound discovery for me, as a Soul Reader. They’ve unlocked some of my own memories of “life between lives” and made this life mean more to me as well. For these and more by Michael Newton, click HERE.


Everyday Clairvoyant  by Cyndi Dale

The book that started my own journey into owning and honing my psychic/spiritual gifts! Cyndi brings Spirit in to give extraordinary answers to life’s big (and small) questions. Find this and more of Cyndi’s landmark books on energy healing HERE.


10% Happier  by Dan Harris

This wins my award for “most unlikely inspirational read of 2015.” Why settle for only 10% happier?? BUT the subtitle sucked me in, and Dan Harris’ marvelously dry wit and fabulous wordplays made me far more than 10% happier to have read this book :-) His take on Deepak Chopra alone made this worth my time. Plus his descriptions of his first times meditating….Find this and Dan’s equally witty sequel HERE.


The Year of Living Danishly  by Helen Russell

This gem was also a contender for “most unlikely inspirational read,” because who knew Denmark, the Land of Legos (no kidding) could be so uplifting–and uproarious? Helen’s dry wit and droll anecdotes were laugh-out-loud funny (especially the What I Learned summaries at the end of each chapter!) and insightful as well. If you’d like even more fun with Denmark, click HERE!


The Dance of the Dissident Daughter  by Sue Monk Kidd

What does a comfortably conventional Christian woman do when she is truly awakened spiritually and finds herself yearning for the Feminine Divine? Sue Monk Kidd is a master storyteller, and her own story is as compelling as any of her fiction. As she writes, “The Divine Feminine is returning to collective consciousness, all right. She’s coming, and it will happen whether we’re ready or not.” This book will help both men and women get ready. For this and more by Sue Monk Kidd, click HERE.