Freedom FROM— and Freedom TO—


Every July 4th, I hear fireworks go off outside my window. My cats relive their annual disgruntlement at the disturbing random noises and retreat to the bedroom in silent protest. But in my mind, the neighborhood’s yearly snaps, pops and BOOMS are always overlaid with a sense of exuberance and exultation, for to me they are the sounds of Freedom, CELEBRATED.

Freedom for me goes two ways, as a spiritual truth I honor. It’s freedom FROM (what binds me) and freedom TO (become something more).

No matter how you are feeling about our country’s political, economic or religious situation, you have something to celebrate about the spiritual freedom you have achieved at this point in your life!

Take a moment to honor and appreciate your current freedom FROM:

struggle*a negative habit or pattern of thought,

*an injury or illness,

*an unhealthy relationship,

*an unpleasant job,

*an unsuitable home

*ANYTHING you have been able to release from your life that is no longer burdening you!

And also allow yourself for a moment to savor your freedom TO:

baby-money*develop a positive habit or thought pattern

*reclaim a higher level of physical well-being

*call in a new, joyful relationship

*pursue a spiritually fulfilling vocation

*seek and find a home that is a true sanctuary

*AND fill yourself with joyful, life-affirming energy that creates a better reality for you in this moment!

To me, freedom means expansiveness–the gift of becoming more and more fully who you came here to be, of doing what you came here to do, and of having what you came here to have.

It’s about freeing your soul first and foremost, and from there, creating a life that feels ever more expansive and flowing to you.


I consider it my joy and privilege to assist you in unfolding your own expansive freedom to release what binds you, unlock your innate spiritual gifts, and step into a greater flow of Grace!

(With or without accompanying fireworks, as you desire. My cats say, “Without, thank you….”)

Feel free ;-) to click here to learn more about the greater freedom you can create for yourself, starting right now.

And stay tuned for an announcement of a momentous new expansion in my offerings for you <3

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