Energy Healings


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SPECIAL BONUS! Energy Boundary Scan & Repair

60 minutes $177 including Bonus Gift (below)

Special Offer $111 including Bonus Gift!

Healthy energy boundaries deflect harmful energies and influences, and magnetize you to receive health, prosperity, loving relationships and spiritual guidance. We’ll examine all 4 boundaries and interpret the colors, symbols and numbers encoded in them, then repair and restore them to optimum condition. We’ll also look “behind and beyond” the boundaries to clear interference affecting them that is ready to be released. This is a powerful session that will “set you for success” in all your personal and professional endeavors!

BONUS GIFT: A downloadable Energy Boundary Repair Guide (a $49 value), so you can maintain and update your healthy boundaries quickly and easily anytime!

“Your Healthy Energy Boundaries Workshop has truly been life changing for me. Today I had an amazing conversation with my manager at work. We both walked away feeling good about what exchanged. I feel as though I have a great boundary with this individual now, as well as others in authority in my life. The workshop has helped me to better recognize energy boundary issues within myself and my clients and has given me additional tools with which to help empower my clients within my shamanic and reiki practices. Thank you for the wonderful workshop and for doing what you do!” — Kevin Seymour, Chicago

Powerful Energy Support 24/7

Distant Healing: Energy Purifying Program

Choose your preferred program

Imagine how your life could change by receiving daily energy cleansing, healing, and realignment, plus Advanced Energy distant healing sessions that include powerful Crystal Grids AND channeled Divine Guidance messages for an entire month!

This series of Spirit-enriched, personalized energy transmissions and uplifting Divine guidance can be life-transforming for you, for your home, and for your entire family—including your pets.

Although the monthly F*REE distant healing session can often provide dramatic results, multiple sessions can deepen the energy work and get to deep-seated core issues. If you’ve had an energetic pattern for many years, it can take time to release and cancel the pattern and move it out of your energy field. By receiving adjustments and transmissions for a full month, the energy will go deeper, to address long-held negative patterns and anchor the positive shifts.

This distant healing work will help clear and balance your chakras and energy fields to assist the body and mind to heal itself. The energy is intelligent and will work with you individually, going exactly where you most need it in each adjustment and transmission.

The healing energy works on many levels—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—to clear out energy blockages, restore Divine energy flow, and open your intuitive gifts so that you can realize your highest potential.

“With each healing I find more good flowing into my life, whether that be people, opportunities, or my own self growth. I love receiving the healings.” — NV, Chicago

Also included in each Personal Energy Purification program is a Home Energy Harmonization for your living environment. This can help to clear negative energies and entities from your home and property, and gently, consistently work to create safe, clean energetic space to nurture you and your family.

(Please note: if you are experiencing significant disturbances or spiritual interference in your home environment, best results will come from receiving a Comprehensive Home and Property Clearing FIRST. Click here to learn more and purchase this service.)

Program details: When you purchase the program, you and your home will begin receiving energy right away! If you choose the family program, please include on the PayPal order form the names of the other family members/pets living in your home with you, and they’ll receive energy immediately as well.

Please note that all children under 16 and pets can be automatically included in your family program; household members over 16 should give individual consent before purchase OR be listed as “not receiving” on the order form. If an individual is “not receiving,” the energy simply flows AROUND, not INTO, him/her. I find that, on the soul level, many “non-receivers” do allow some of this ambient healing energy to do some deep inner work for them, and over time, they may actually decide to give consent and actively receive along with you!

You will also receive 2 Advanced Energy transmission sessions per program, on the 1st and 3rd Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 pm PST. The first session will be the primary energy healing work, with a powerful Crystal Grid and Oracle Message. On the third Monday, the Grid will be updated and a fresh Message prepared for you.

The optimal way to receive the energy is to be in a quiet, relaxed position during the session. However, if you have an activity planned or are simply unable to consciously join in, you can still be active during the session and get great results. You may also be asleep or fall asleep during the session—this is a very beneficial way to take in the energy without the “chatter” of the conscious mind :-)

You’ll receive a report on each healing session, with details on specific crystals used for your healing and a unique, channeled Spirit message to guide you through your daily life. These Spirit messages are designed to enhance and amplify the vibratory healing effects of the Advanced Energy transmission.

Finally, you will be receiving intermittent energy adjustments throughout the four weeks. These will happen at various times for different people, so there is no set schedule for those. Many are set to happen as you sleep, so you can wake up with clearer, purer energy each morning!

“My sister, my daughter, and I literally count the days till our next healing session!! We are so very blessed to have you in our lives and are so grateful for your love and presence. Sunday night I had the best night’s sleep ever, so I am sure the energies were working overtime on me :-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you are such a gift to us all. — MV, Illinois

NEW! Personal Energy Check-Up and Tune-Up

30 minutes $88

Just as our bodies and our vehicles require regular check-ups and tune-ups to perform at their peak, so do our energy systems. This is particularly true if, in the past 6-12 months, you’ve had:

  • Significant spiritual healing work
  • Major physical illness, injuries or surgery
  • Emotional traumas (divorce, death, job loss, severe stress)
  • Major changes in your lifestyle (relocation, new relationship, new job or career)
  • OR, you’ve just plain done NOTHING for your energy health and hygiene!

Any of these situations can create misalignments and imbalances within your energy system. This will slow or even block your continued progress toward your goals for the year.

By giving your energy system the care and attention it needs to realign and reattune to your new circumstances, you open the way to renewed and invigorated energy flow to make things much easier for you to succeed at every level!

This session will release blocks, rebalance and realign your full energy system, and leave you refreshed and re-energized, more creative and focused, and ready to perform at a new and higher peak.

NEW! Access Consciousness Bars® Sessions

60 minutes $175

The Bars are 32 points on the head. When these points are lightly touched and held, they begin to release, dissipate, and clear limitations, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that may have been stored for years—and possibly lifetimes—about many areas of your life. Some of these areas could be money, sex, healing, joy, sadness, the body, aging, creativity, control, and many more. Having a Bars ® session can feel like a wonderful massage, and it could possibly change your life!

Susan writes of her own experience:

At the time of my own first session with the Bars ® I badly needed an inner shift, as I was facing a personal crisis and was feeling tremendous fear and anxiety about the situation. The session felt pleasant at the time, but I couldn’t sense any real changes happening within me—which disappointed me, given my desire for change and all that I’d been told about the major shifts others had experienced! I went to bed that night feeling discouraged.

But I woke up in an entirely different state of being. Instead of the paralyzing fear and anxiety, I felt calm, even courageous, with an unshakable conviction that everything would be all right. I actually found myself unable to get back into the anxiety I’d felt before!

I could only attribute this total turnaround in attitude to the Bars ® session. I had been told that the releasing and clearing action could take time to fully manifest and integrate into my life, but I truly had not expected an outcome like this. My experience convinced me of the validity of working with the Bars ® and led me to become a practitioner, so that I could share with others what I had received—the gift of gentle, powerful, surprising transformation :-)

I look forward to sharing this gift with you!

SourcePoint Sound Healing

2 or 3 sessions of 45 minutes each, in person, $95 single session; save on purchase of 2 or 3 sessions

Choose number of sessions

A completely unique, synergistic healing modality developed from Susan’s own studies and healing work! This powerful session accesses the underlying cause of any issue at the SourcePoint—the originating point of trauma (no matter how far back in ancestry or previous lives). The traumas and soul wounds are then cleared and released—WITHOUT reliving the pain. Gentle conversational techniques define the places to clear in each session, and then pure healing sounds go beyond words to bring full and permanent release through all the lifetimes where the trauma has manifested. A series of 2-3 sessions is recommended, depending on your progress in releasing the traumas and integrating the new energies of healing.

“I noticed that her voice alone, whether she is speaking or toning specific sounds, is quite healing.  My physical, emotional and mental bodies simply relax, and I can feel the healing energy emanating from her voice and being. Many thanks and blessings, dear Susan!” — CW, Chicago

PLEASE NOTE: The services presented here are not to be construed as medical advice. I do not hold medical or chiropractic degrees, nor am I a licensed health-care provider.  As with any alternative healing treatments, if you have a health problem, are on medication, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby, I strongly advise that you seek the advice of a health care professional before engaging in these services. These  procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. By entering into an agreement to have a reading or healing session, you hereby agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with any reliance upon any of the alternative healing methods  discussed here. I am a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master and have formal training in sound healing and energy healing.