Detour into the Paranormal…

While I fully intend to keep my promise in my first post to explain why I feature that artwork in my sidebar and how it connects to my journey out of boxes, it will be coming along a bit later because real life happened and led me to do different writing!

I was a featured vendor at a Paranormal Convention this weekend, and to prepare for that, I had to create some informative handouts on Christianity and the oracular tradition, on spiritual protection for paranormal encounters, and on how to ask a question for an oracle.  I have posted those handouts as separate pages on this site, and hope you’ll take a look at them!

If you find the material useful and wish to share it with others, that is great!  I just ask that as I have credited my sources in my work, you will credit this blog as your source in yours.  It demonstrates what a class act you are as a writer! :-)

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