Beyond Resolutions: Manifesting in a New Year

2013--New and Beautiful!

2013–New and Beautiful!

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy we actually made it to a New Year! The challenges of 2012 were intense and nearly continuous, and I think I heard a global sigh of relief as we crossed the threshold into 2013. Many of my energy-sensitive friends are expressing very positive feelings about the energies around the year 2013, and I am getting much the same sense of hope and optimism.

The beginning of a year always has seemed like a beautifully clean sheet of paper, ready for me to fill with plans, hopes and dreams–that almost never actually happened. In the past, I’ve written both resolutions (usually vague statements that I can’t perceive my progress on and then I forget them by early February) and goals (specific and measurable, but usually also quite plodding and pedestrian, so I only work on them until about March). So generally, nothing much manifested in my life from these writing processes. Sizzle and fizzle. Manifestation meltdowns. I figured I was just one of those people who dreamed and couldn’t do.

Sometimes the page just stayed like that....

Sometimes the page never got past this….

I’ve learned a great deal about manifesting in general and about some “best practices” for my unique spiritual makeup in the past year.  But I still didn’t really have an alternative to goals and resolutions for a New Year. I only knew that both “goals” and “resolutions” seemed Old Paradigm to me–pushing on me from the outside, stirring up feelings of struggle and strain, bullying me into micro-managing my days, shaming me when I “failed.” I felt them stuffing me back into a box, but by gosh and by golly I was UNboxed and staying that way! But what to do INSTEAD of goals or resolutions? I tossed that whole thought-wad out to the Universe and let it vanish into the vastness.

Not long after that, I got an email from Darius Barazandeh, who hosts seminars with well-known transformational speakers. He shared his own alternative to resolutions, and it immediately resonated with me. It was not about imposing commands on myself or goading myself into action, forcing change from the outside in. Instead, it worked through questions asked of the soul, letting change emerge from the inside out. And isn’t that the true purpose of our goals and resolutions–to create change and transformation in our lives, to realign our outer lives with our inner longings?

I am sharing Darius’  “Transformation Questions” below, to give you the opportunity to ask them of your own soul. Take your time; perhaps address just one question at a time and allow space to really sense and know the answers from your inner wisdom and intuitive soul guidance. I am working through them slowly myself, and I appreciate the unhurried feeling of allowing my soul’s answers to emerge. Gently, lovingly, powerfully, my soul is guiding me to manifest “the change I wish to be.”

Transformation from the soul outward--let it shine!


The Transformation Questions:

1. In what state of divine physical health do I desire my blessed body to be in during 2013 and beyond?

2. What would my ideal financial flow look like?

3. What would my ideal divine love relationship feel like?

4. What would my ideal gift of love and service to the world be?

5. What beautiful places do I plan to visit in 2013?

6. What amazing experiences am I already choosing to have in 2013?

7. What incredible wisdom will I channel in 2013 (and how will I serve others with this)?

8. How will I be an expression of abundance to the planet and a vehicle for love on Earth and beyond?

If you receive some answers you’d like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I look forward to the inspiration we can give to one another as we manifest transformation from our souls to make 2013 our most amazing year yet!

My gratitude to Darius for creating these questions, and for his ongoing work of bringing tools for personal transformation to me and many others. Click here to learn more about his series in 2013, The Awakening Experiment.

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