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Susan Sinclair

Susan Sinclair

I feel blessed to finally be doing what I was born to do: helping dedicated, prospering spiritual seekers manifest the same level of success inwardly that they’ve achieved outwardly.

It is my purpose, and my joy, to serve these remarkable people by clearing out the old emotional and energetic baggage that’s been interfering in their lives, and giving them the spiritual tools they need to fully awaken to their deeper purpose, confidently walk their true path, and experience the soul-deep satisfaction of living their personal WOW!

I find my own WOW in touching the lives of these amazing souls, working deeply with them to release all that has kept them stuck, small, bound, and in pain, and to guide them to personal mastery of their spiritual and intuitive gifts.

In my personalized SoulCare sessions, Spirit “gets real” for my clients: healing and transforming entrenched negative patterns in circumstances, work, and relationships.  My clients have shared many success stories of how our work has created profound yet practical and measurable improvements in their daily lives.

My Background

Like many of my clients, my innate intuitive gifts got “squashed” early in life, so I devoted myself to intense academic study, graduating summa cum laude with two B.A. degrees and later, a Master’s Degree. I longed for genuine mystical connection with divinity, but I found myself confined within the boxes of both academic and religious orthodoxy (aka, “orthoBOXy”).

Fortunately, Spirit wouldn’t let me stay orthoboxed. All through my decades of diverse professional and academic service, I still felt a tug toward the mystical. And finally, instead of a near-death experience, I had a near-birth experience when I was attuned to Reiki.

After that profound spiritual awakening, I left the conventional workplace to pursue rigorous training in energy healing and the intuitive arts. I am a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master as well as an ordained interfaith minister, and I’ve completed a year-long comprehensive Apprenticeship Program with master energy healer Cyndi Dale, intensive studies in Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman, and specialized coursework with Linda Howe in reading the Akashic Records. In addition to these official credentials, I’ve continued to study with an array of other masters of energy healing and intuitive guidance, to hone my own techniques and enhance my abilities to serve my clients.

My Work Today

Through my live events, radio and podcast guest interviews, and individual work with clients, I am honored to bring Spirit’s gifts of healing and transformation to amazing souls worldwide.

I invite you to read what my clients have to say about the work we’ve done and the joy, freedom, and soul-full success it’s created for them.

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Connect with me:

Email       susan@susansinclair.org

Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/susansinclairfan

Twitter     @SusanVSinclair

LinkedIn   Susan Sinclair, Chief Intuitive Officer