A Blessing of Deep Peace

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

In turbulent times like these, we can feel beleaguered and battered by events and energies swirling around us. The ongoing proclamations of national and global economic collapse; news of terrorism, war, and crisis in governments; the growing awareness of the long-term impacts of disasters like Fukushima on ourselves, our fellow creatures, and the Earth–the list of man-made traumas seems endless. As it all surges into our minds along with our own personal struggles, we experience profound challenges to our souls. We can feel overwhelmed, awash in anxiety, confusion, and fear.

And yet, even when the turmoil seems unbearable, there is still, both Within and Beyond us, a place of Deep Peace. Within, it is as close as our next cleansing breath, as we pause to gather ourselves into the present moment, exhale stress and inhale “the flowing air.” Beyond, it is as near as a spiritual song, a glorious piece of art, a loving encounter with an animal companion, a gentle walk on “the quiet earth.”

If you find this Celtic Blessing part of your own way in to Deep Peace, this video offers other lovely scenes and the words made into spiritual song. I’ve been inspired to create my own personal song from this blessing, and the creating is one way into my own Deep Peace.

Wherever and however we find it, our own place of Deep Peace is always waiting for us, ready to enfold us in a loving embrace. May you enter yours as often as you have need for it in the days ahead.

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