Guiding Committed Spiritual Seekers out of Inner Pain… and into Freedom, Flow, and WOW!

Divine requires Freedom



Feeling a deep, foundational sense of peace, ease, and rightness with yourself and your life


Trading painful relationships, dysfunctional dynamics, and old family drama for harmonious relationships based on kindness, peace, and respect


Completely clearing lifelong fears and struggles that have held you back from your desired professional and social success


Releasing your emotional baggage with ease and receiving the wisdom instead


Finally making peace with your past, with longstanding conflicts resolved


Feeling healed, whole, and complete inside after years of feeling broken and empty


Having a clear, reliable connection to the Divine and your inner guidance that gives you a masterful edge–both personally and professionally


Knowing for sure that you are on path and on purpose in every aspect of your life


Making wise decisions, large and small, with clarity and certainty instead of anxiety and “analysis paralysis”


Enriching and uplifting everything and everyone you touch, just by being YOU


Living a life so rich in meaning and soul-full success that you say “WOW” every day!


These are the results that real people, like you, have achieved from working with spiritual healer and mentor Susan Sinclair. Her simple, powerful, Spirit-guided principles and practices have created profound transformation in the lives of her clients worldwide.


These results can happen for you. You, too, can create a successful, soul-full, Spirit-enriched life for yourself.



to a new realm of freedom and greater possibilities for your life!


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